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KraulQuappen® Repair kit

Suitable for quick repares of small holes

Scope of delivery :
  • Resealable container with the repair liquid
  • Application stick
  • Manual


Apply thinly to the dried, fat-free, leaking area and let dry for approx. 10 hours. If needed, repeat the process until sealed. Chemical reaction between the repair liquid and the PVC of the buoyancy aid seals the damage and the repaired area remains elastic.


Safety Information

  • After contact with the skin: remove the adhesive from the skin and rinse the skin with soapy water.
  • After ingestion: Rinse mouth and drink glass of water. Do not provoke vomiting.
  • After eye contact: Keep the eye wide with both hands and rinse thoroughly under running water.

In all cases consult a doctor and show the packaging with the information.

The main components of the glue: Cyclohexanon (p=1013,25 hPa; T=25°)

Emergency call : +49-30-19240 (Poison Emergency call)

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