Cherek´s KraulQuappen Rings for Adults

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Swimming aid - that realy helps!

KraulQuappen® - KQs Swim Rings for Adults

these were specialy developed for insecure adult swimmers, elderly people or people with coordination and equilibrium disorder. They keep the right buoyancy while swimming or moving in the water, without running the risk of drowning/sinking.
Rekomended also for aqua-therapy or aqua-gymnastics. The inflatable ring with size of Ø 27 cm can be used for bodyweight up to max. 90 kg.

The KraulQuappen must only be used for the intended purpose in shallow water and must not be used for any other purpose. They are intended as buoyancy help by bathing only. The Users must not jump or slide into the water. The KraulQuappen can, due to the violent impact, be lost. This is particularly likely if the KraulQuappen are not inflated properly.


Our products and the materials used for their production are made, controlled and certified in EU and comply with all legal requirements.



Cherek´s KraulQuappen® Unlike other swimming rings, the centrally placed armhole allows optimal leverage and boyancy in the water.


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