KraulQuappen® Swim rings

and our uniquely designed WATER TOYS & LETTERS

for more fun at home and in the bath tub !


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Cherek´s KQ-Rings

Cherek´s KQ-Rings

Relax and float with our


Cherek´s KQs - Swim Rings


Unlike other swimming rings, the centrally placed armhole allows optimal leverage and boyancy in the water.

Users of all ages can easily keep their arms and head above water - relaxed and feeling completely safe. With integrated water protected foam ring inside for more safety. They are less bulky and more user friendly. Our video will show you KQ in action.

Available in 4 sizes :

*Beginners *Advanced *Youth *Adult



Hey Kids ! Do you want to swim faster then ever?

Cherek´s "Duck Shoes" (Flippers)

Check out for selection of high quality swim flippers for children.


Swimming with fins is not only fun, but also great work out for small children. Training the muscels with water resistance.

Available in 3 sizes

Swim Boards

Swim Boards

For your unforgettable time in the water!

Cherek´s Swim Boards


You wil never feel alone with our funny shaped Swim Boards.

Float, balance and sit on it. They can also be of an assistence if you just learn how to swim.

Check out for the shapes and lovely colours !

Floating Water Toys

Floating Water Toys

Check our coloured assotment of


Cherek´s Floaties

Floating water toys in many different shapes and colours.

They will be you new bath tub friends :  Dinos, Cars or Animals. Or you can get fit for school with the "Floating ABC" and Numbers.

Enjoy them all.


Aqua Fit

Aqua Fit

Explore the world of Aqua-Exercise !

Cherek´s Aquafit

Aquafit exercises include movements that are to train, stretch and relax the body.


The buoyancy of the water reduces the stress on your joints, your spine, knees and hips. Combine swimming with new movements in water. 


Pontoons & Mats

Pontoons & Mats

Let the child´s eyes sparkle

Cherek´s Pontoons and Mats

Turn the swimming pool into a water playground.

You can use the Pontoons to build colourful bridges or floating islands  that can provide range of activities and challenge, for Children of all ages and abilities. We have some ideas in the Category- Pictures


Due to its good stability, also suitable in equilibrium training or aquafit for Aduts.



Cherek´s Picture Galery

Some ideas about our Products and the way they can be used.

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