Cherek's KraulQuappen® Swim World

Check out for uniquely designed Cherek´s Swim Rings and large selection of equipment used for swimming lessons, therapy or aquafit.

The study of biomechanics and the experience gained in 30 years of swim and therapy lessons in our own swimming school have helped us to develop various new products used for swimming and water therapy. Use our products to promote users skills, enable them moving freely and feel comfortable in the water.

The guiding principle of our work is the psychomotoric activity and development, also intended to enable handicapped children and adults to move comfortably in the water.


1. About us

We offer Swim & Learn Equipment for users of all ages:

  • for baby and toddler swimming
  • for swimming lessons
  • for water therapy or aqua fitness

2. Shipping information

National: (calculated by the weight)

  •      1g  bis      50g  -    2,00  Euro
  •    50g  bis   1500g  -    5,90  Euro
  • 1500g  bis 10000g  -    8,00  Euro
  • for further information, please contact us directly.

International - 1 / ( Belgium, France, Luxembourg,  Netherlands, Austria )

  • 1  -  5    Products  14 Euro
  • 6  -  10  Products  17 Euro

International -  2 ( Italy, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Malta, Spain, Portugal )

  • 1  -  5    Products  16 Euro
  • 6  -  10  Products  23 Euro

Please note, that the shipping costs are calculated automatically, according to the size/weight of your order.


3. Discounts

for Institutions (s.u. Swimming schools, Baby-swimm course instructors, Etc.)

Please contact us , regading a quatation


All Prices are including the german VAT. The discounts and the shipping cost are calculated automaticlly .