Cherek´s KraulQuappen Rings for Advanced

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Recommended for children with some water experiece.

Cherek´s KraulQuappen® KQs - Swim Rings for Advanced

  • Colour : yellow-red
  • diameter of the arm-opening aprox. 6,5 cm
  • bis 30 Kg

We offer this Product also as a set, together with Repair Kit and / or Carry Bag.

Our KraulQuappen® for Advanced in red/yellow are smaller then the KQs in green/yellow.

The lateral stability of the child in water is reduced. The inflatable ring is less bulky and with the size of only 17 cm in diameter more user-friendly.

To find out if the child is ready for the Advanced KQ rings, it has to be able toturn around in the circle in the water without aditional help. The arm holes are same size as by the type for beginners. They can be used for bodyweight up to max. 30 kg.

It is not the age, height or weight of the child by which you choose  the size of KQs, but the experience and physical skills.

The KraulQuappen® must only be used for the intended purpose in shallow water and must not be used for any other purpose. They are intended as buoyancy help by bathing only. The children must not jump or slide into the water. The Kraulquappen® can, due to the violent impact, be lost. This is particularly likely if the Kraulquappen® are not inflated properly.


This product is cetified as:

PPE of category II (Personal protective Equipment)

The right to cancel or exchange expires when the original sealed packaging is opened / damaged!




KraulQuappen® have it ! Our inflatable KQs have an integrated waterprotected foam ring inside for more safety.


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